The products of the LF line have a medium content of “fluoro”, and are especially indicated for low humidity conditions and are ideal for training sessions. The excellent quality/price offer makes this line the best choice for all enthusiasts and recreational skiers who do their own waxing.

The blend of synthetic and natural paraffins appropriately calibrated guarantees perfect compatibility with all skis. The low viscosity at the indicated application temperature allows an excellent penetration and a valid saturation of the base protecting it from oxidation.
This wax line offers excellent performance for all winter disciplines.

Packs of 60 gr. are indicated for personal use, while the 250 gr. packs are recommended for sports groups or waxing centers.

All LF STAR products labeled with the “New Fluor Chemestry” Logo comply with current European regulations on the use of fluoro. The practical paper box can be re-used and helps reduce plastic waste for a lower environmental impact.

LF line offers the same glide properties for both the Alpine and Nordic disciplines.

New Fluor Chemistry

LF WORM [0° / -5°C]

• 06186 [ 60 g ]

• 06205 [ 250 g ]


LF MED [-3° / -8°C]

• 06187 [ 60 g ]

• 06206 [ 250 g ]


LF COLD [-6° / -12°C]

• 06188 [ 60 g]

• 06207 [ 250 g]


LF POLAR [-10° / -20°C]

• 06189 [ 60 g ]

• 06208 [ 250 g ]