Cera Flon Wax

The micronized powder paraffin wax line FLUORO-NANO CERAMIC marked a new model in the world of skiing. The use of new additives, never used before in ski wax, was a demonstration of how STAR strides ahead of times. Despite this great success, we had not stopped and we continued our research and testing to create products that are increasingly efficient. We are now ready and proud to present our latest technologies called CERA-FLON WAX.


With CERA-FLON WAX we are introducing the use of new synthetic paraffin wax that allows to produce harder products but with a lower melting point, therefore guaranteeing higher durability under the ski base and at the same time facilitating the application.
In CERA-FLON WAX we have refined our Fluoro – Nano Ceramic technologies enhancing glide and ensuring absolute performance even on difficult snow conditions.


Furtherly, the new paper packaging for the 250gr. products, which can be totally recycled, demonstrates how with this line of ski wax products STAR has focused on environmental safety.
What for many may be a goal for us is only a starting point – as we will continue to work to improve what already seems perfect now!

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