The products of the HF line are high-performance waxes that have a high content of “fluoro” and are designed to give maximum results for racing on wet snow.

They can also be used by enthusiasts and recereational skiers who want to experience the sensation of fast skiing like those of world cup athletes. It is advisable to follow the melting temperatures shown on the packaging and to use a specific professional iron from the “STAR Waxing Iron” range.

After applying the wax, the excess product must be removed with a scraper and brushed with a suitable flat or rotating brush. We recommend a natural brush for cold products (COLD – POLAR) and a nylon brush for warmer products (WARM – MED). Finish brushing should be done with a soft horsehair brush.

This wax line offers excellent performance for all winter disciplines.

All HF STAR products labeled with the “New Fluor Chemestry” Logo comply with current European regulations on the use of fluoro. The practical paper box can be re-used and helps reduce plastic waste for a lower environmental impact.

New Fluor Chemistry

HF WARM [0° / -5°C]

• 06180 [ 60 g ]

• 06200 [ 250 g ]


HF MED [-3° / -8°C]

• 06181 [ 60 g ]

• 06201 [ 250 g ]]


HF COLD [-6° / -12°C]

• 06181 [ 60 g ]

• 06201 [ 250 g ]


HF POLAR [-10° / -20°C]

• 06183 [ 60 g ]

• 06203 [ 250 g ]