New Fluor Chemistry and Fluor Free Wax

“Fluoro” have been for many years the reference in performance as additives for skiwax.

EU regulation produced by “ECHA” ( The European Agency for Chemestry) imposes that after July 2020 Fluorinated products containing “PFOA” can not be put onto the market. “PFOA” is not a key substance in skiwax, but it is an impurity. It is possible to produce Fluorinated skiwax with same performance as in the past respecting “ECHA” regulation.

FIS/IBU regulation impose that from season 2020/2021 in any FIS/IBU races it will not be allowed to use ANY FLUORINATED skiwax. FIS/IBU restriction is stricter than ECHA regulation where fluoro is allowed if it does not contain any PFOA.

FIS / IBU ilmoitti 9. lokakuuta 2020, että suunnitelman täydellinen “Fluoro-kielto” lykätään kaudelle 2021/2022 1. heinäkuuta 2021 alkaen!


All STAR products with the “NEW FLUOR CHEMISTRY” logo are PFOA FREE and therefore compliant with the new 2020 EU regulation.


All STAR products with the “FLUOR FREE” logo, are not containing any FLUORO and therefore are allowed to be sold and used even on FIS/IBU races or in those competitions/countries that will adopt the same FIS/IBU restriction.

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