Following restrictions imposed on the use of fluorinated products in some competitions, STAR has designed a line of Fluor Free Products specifically dedicated for competition, called NEXT.

NEXT is the first choice for those looking for racing products with alternative additives to fluoro. The best synthetic paraffins combined with new additives make these products unique in their kind, guaranteeing unthinkable performance for a product without fluoro.

Tests have shown that these products maintain their lubricating characteristics for many kilometers even in dirty, abrasive or difficult snow conditions.

The presentation in micronized powder form makes the application easier and more precise with less product waste. New additives already being studied
in our laboratories promise a continued evolution of our NEXT racing products in the coming years.

Fluoro Free
Next Powder Race Wax Warm

WARM [0° / -5°C]

• 06215 [ 28 g ]

Next Powder Race Wax Med

MED [-3° / -8°C]

• 06216 [ 28 g ]

Next Powder Race Wax Cold

COLD [-6° / -12°C]

• 06217 [ 28 g]

Next Powder Race Wax Polar

POLAR [-10° / -20°C]

• 06218 [ 28 g ]

Next Powder Race Wax
  • High-end waxes for competition.
  • Completely free of fluoro.
  • Easy to apply.
  • No product waste.
  • Wide thermal range.
  • Exceptional durability for long distances.
Next Powder Race Wax application