A “new” way of applying paraffins onto your skis? In reality the method is not new. For many years the use of lamb wool rollers to apply ski wax has been promoted in different ways with good results.

What is new is the formulation that STAR has optimized for fleece application, allowing these Fluor Free products to last long distances with excellent performance.

Long research has led to the creation of a complete line of products to be applied with lamb’s wool. It is sufficient to mount the roller on a drill and by rotating this, rub the wax onto the wool roller. At this point polish your ski base with the wool roller that brings the wax into your skis. Skis can also be finished with a final nylon brushing. This type of application can be used as a top layer to a base coat previously applied with an iron, or used alone! You can also rub the block directly onto the ski base and then polish with the wool roller!

All NEXT products (POWDER, LIQUID, BLOCK) can be mixed and applied in many different ways, permitting you to discover your own unique racing results! All of our NEXT products respond well to roto fleece finishing prior to final brushing. Roto fleece works best with very thin-film applications, and because of the low amount of wax material being applied, it is important to dedicate a wool roller to each specific wax product in order to avoid unintentional mixing of products. Suitable for all disciplines.

Fluoro Free
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WARM [0° / -5°C]

• 06150 [ 20g ]

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MED [-3° / -8°C]

• 06151 [ 20g ]

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COLD [-6° / -12°C]

• 06152 [ 20g ]

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POLAR [-10° / -20°C]

• 06153 [ 20g ]

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