Next Block Race Wax – Wool Roller Application Top Layer

Long research has led to the creation of a complete line of products to be applied with lamb’s wool-rollers without the use of a waxing iron.

One of the main characteristics of the STAR wool roller is the “hairs”, which are super fine, permitting them to reach any micro-incisions on the ski base. In addition, this material has excellent absorbing characteristics. STAR uses specially treated wool that guarantees a long-lasting working life – cheaper wool rollers will not last more than a few applications!

Wax application with a wool roller is simple and easy. It is sufficient to mount the roller on a drill with a roto handle and rub the wax onto the wool roller while it rotates. Then apply the rotating roller to the ski base with light to moderate pressure and move back and forth along the length of the ski, finishing by moving from the tip toward the tail of the ski. In one step you apply the wax and polish it onto the base. Proper application should produce a shiny base, and a small amount of “dust”, but no smearing. It is best to finish the application with light brushing. This type of application can be used as a top layer to a base coat previously applied with an iron, or used alone for a quick prepping.

Next Block Race Wax has been specifically developed to offer long-lasting and effective results while using the wool roller application method. Not all waxes can be applied in this way with the same performance.

Wool Block Race Wax works best with thin-film applications. The small amount of material being applied suggests the importance of dedicating a wool roller to each specific wax in order to avoid unintentional mixing of the products.

After three years of intensive testing on track we recommend two to three layers of wax using this application method to guarantee the best performance. It is important to keep layers thin, and the use of a high-quality brushes will support this.

Next Block Race Wax is available in a new 28g. paper box to continue in our process to eliminate plastic from packaging when it is possible. Suitable for all disciplines.

Fluoro Free
Next block race wax WARM

WARM [0° / -5°C]

• 06150 [ 28g ]

Next block race wax MED

MED [-3° / -8°C]

• 06151 [ 28g ]

Next block race wax COLD

COLD [-6° / -12°C]

• 06152 [ 28g ]

Next block race wax POLAR

POLAR [-10° / -20°C]

• 06153 [ 28g ]

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