High Performance Glider

The Racing Wax Liquid Spray line is produced with a technology developed in our research laboratories and represents an evolution for glide waxes for
professional use. This product line uses a new fluor molecule in compliance with European regulations with reduced environmental impact.

The presentation in liquid form simplifies and speeds up the application time on skis, guaranteeing excellent gliding performance in all disciplines.

No gas spray

High Fluorcarbon

This line of waxes with high fluor content has been developed for racing. The three well-calibrated products offer a wide temperature range of use and simple application . The solvents used are low toxic alcohols which ensure rapid evaporation times while allowing fast and clean waxing.

New Fluor Chemistry

HF WARM  [0° /-5°]

•  06141 [ 100ml ]


HF MED  [-3° /-8°C]

• 06142 [ 100ml ]


HF COLD [-6° / -12°C]

• 06143 [ 100ml ]

Low Fluorcarbon

This range of waxes with medium fluor content produced with synthetic paraffins are recommended for training and excursions. The long lasting resistance under skis, the simplicity of application, and optimal quality – price offer makes these waxessuitable for sports groups and enthusiasts.

New Fluor Chemistry

LF WARM  [0° /-5°]

•  06132 [ 100ml ]


LF MED  [-3° /-8°C]

• 06133 [ 100ml ]


LF COLD [-6° / -12°C]

• 06134 [ 100ml ]