The presentation in liquid wax is the cheapest way to get all the benefits of the products 100% fluorcarbon. Recommended for races where it is necessary
to obtain the best results over short distances, and also widely used in professional sprint races or for Alpine skiing.

XF2 100% Fluorcarbon Spray Ski Wax

XF2 [0 / -3°C]

• 00056

50 mL

Old transformed or man-made wet snow.

XF4 100% Fluorcarbon Spray Ski Wax

XF4 [-2 / -10°C]

• 00057

50 mL

Old or man-made snow.

XF6 100% Fluorcarbon Spray Ski Wax

XF6 [0/ -6°C]

• 00058

50 mL

New or falling wet snow.

XF8 100% Fluorcarbon Spray Ski Wax6

XF8 [-5 / -15°C]

• 00059

50 mL

New fine crystal snow.

APPLICATION: Spray evenly on skis already prepared with fluoro base, wait a few minutes and polish with a hand cork or a roto cork. Brush vigorously
with a horsehair brush.