The products 100% fluorocarbon powder ski wax are the most reliable to use when preparing skis for important competitions. These products have unique characteristics of long life, high resistance to dirt, and exceptional water repellence.

They are undoubtedly the most widely used in World Cup competitions. Star has always carefully selected 100% fluorocarbon compounds in order to achieve maximum performance with a wide temperature range and in all snow conditions.

This season our range of fluoro products has been completely renewed. Already tested with success during the most important international events, the new formulation with special additives should be used following the indications for temperature and snow type.

This is absolutely the most complete and reliable line of fluor waxes ever.

F10 FLUORO POWDER Ski Wax 100 Fluorocarbon

F10 WET [+/- 0°C]

• 00050

30 g.

Very wet dirty old snow.

info F10-WET
F15 FLUORO POWDER Ski Wax 100% Fluorocarbon

F15 WET [0 / -3°C]

• 00051


Old transformed or man-made wet snow.

F20 FLUORO POWDER Ski Wax 100 Fluorocarbon

F20 WET [0 / -6°C]

• 00052


New or falling wet snow.

F25 FLUORO POWDER Ski Wax 100 Fluorocarbon

F25 MED [-4 / -10°C]

• 00053

30 g.

New fine crystal snow.

F30 FLUORO POWDER Ski Wax 100 Fluorocarbon

F30 MED [-2 / -12°C]

• 00054

30 g.

Old or man-made snow.

F40 FLUORO POWDER Ski Wax 100 Fluorocarbon

F40 COLD [-8 / 15°C]

• 00055

30 g.

Very cold new or old snow.

Snow Chart Ski Wax 100% Fluorocarbon
Ski Wax 100% Fluorocarbon application